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I love pole dance, and I practice a lot. Courtesy of Unsplash.

When it comes to things I’m seriously passionate about, I have no brakes. Completely. Does my writing work require tremendous intellectual effort and emotional dedication? Does it require me to be a marathon runner rather than a sprinter? I don’t care. I can be a marathon sprinter if I want. I can push as hard as I desire.

That’s what I think. That’s what I believe. And then I hit a painful, nauseating dead end again. I no longer have a bump on my forehead from stepping on a rake, I have a huge, hardened horn from thousands of strikes…

Unless we face what childhood made to us.

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© Roman Fourth

Childbirth must transform from an opportunity to privilege. Teachers should enter top highest-paid jobs with the strictest requirements. Schools must employ the most qualified and the most demanded workers on the market.

That is the least we can do to sever centuries of suffering and prepare to forthcoming immortality of the human.

Laziness, sociophobia, low self-esteem — they are the fruit of our childhood; the fruit of first experiences and skills that we either develop or miss. We’ll carry them throughout all our life, and psychotherapists are going to fix wrong turns. …

V.V. Psyson

Fiction, product manager, ex-researcher. Creating art with my partner to escape the Psyson.

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